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Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is aimed at the elimination of waste in every area of production including customer relations, product design, supplier networks and factory management. Its goal is to incorporate less human effort, less inventory, less time to develop products, and less space to become highly responsive to customer demand while producing top quality products in the most efficient and economical manner possible.

Principles of Lean Enterprise:

  • Zero waiting time
  • Zero Inventory
  • Scheduling -- internal customer pull instead of push system
  • Batch to Flow -- cut batch sizes
  • Line Balancing
  • Cut actual process times.

Concept to Completion

Our capabilities are diverse, and our involvement is flexible..., Most of our Customers already have solid concepts or even finished articles and just need help putting it together, we provide support exactly where they need it. We can direct our customers at the very beginning from concept, design, development and programming.

We are dedicated to taking care of our customer needs from start to finish. Many of our customers come to us because of our strong portfolio, integrity in service, and because we work in both print and models. Ronlo Engineering can provide any company with precision, convenience and strength.

On receiving a drawing or model, we plan and construct machining programs to ensure the most efficient and precise method of manufacturing. With our knowledge and foresight into customer requirements we deliver the product to the highest level of quality and ensure on time delivery.

It is our quest to supply our customers with the latest technology to support their needs.

Recent Accomplishments

Shuttle Holddown System:

Shuttle Holddown System

The variation in our capabilities and the demand from our customer varies considerably. The Hold-down system is a prime example of our diversity within the industry, although a simple part in comparison to others we produce, the requirements are still critical and the material used to manufacture has its own special requirements.

Inconel alloy is a material which has special requirements and has different hazard levels in comparison to standard materials we use, the material is aged hardened and a high strength alloy suitable for services at temperatures from -423 to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. These material qualities require more durable tooling and additional safety requirements.


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